Seattle: Amazing Place for Drone Photography Practice

Nothing will be spectacular than viewing something from above. The use of drones in photography practice will let you capture the total aerial landscape in a different perspective. Perhaps you have not seen like this before. Although drones are made for various reasons like racing drones, selfie drones, stunt drones, and delivery drones, photography drones are not that different from the other types.

Photography practice with the use of drones requires a lot of skills. There are issues like safety and privacy concerns that must also be addressed so that excitement in focusing solely in manipulating these toys will be done afterwards. As an amateur and budding photographer, there are various things to be mindful of. Because drones are very expensive, there are times when the pilot panics about crash landings.

Seattle, WA offers different locations for drone photography practice. The place has different scenic views to shoot a panorama or capture a straight-down view.

Below are 8 amazing places in Seattle, WA for drone photography practice.

1. Kerry Park, Queen Anne

By Jeffrey Wolff

You can start viewing the famous Seattle skyline with its iconic Space Needle from the Kerry Park, Queen Anne. Capturing a straight-down view of the city is breath-taking at any time of the day.

2. Jose Rizal Park, Beacon Hill

Jose Rizal Park, Beacon Hill
By Joe Ratliffe

If you want to relish a different view of the city, why not consider Jose Rizal Park which is just a street further from the 12th Ave Bridge. While cannot shoot some of the curved light trails from here, you have the opportunity to enjoy the Seattle great wheel and surround the city with tree branches.

3. West Seattle

By Rudy Lopez

The photo opportunities from West Seattle seem endless. You can capture the Seattle Skyline on a calm evening and have the opportunity to take city shots from this spot.

4. Pier 66 (Bell Street Pier), Belltown

Pier 66 (Bell Street Pier), Belltown
Photo Credit

This is one of the few places in Seattle which offers views of the waterfront along Alaskan Way. Whenever there are no ships docked on the quay, you can include Pier 66 or the Bell St. Pier because of the interesting shape offered by the place.

5. Sculpture Park Seattle Waterfront

Sculpture Park Seattle Waterfront
Photo Credit

One of the few places in Seattle to practice drone photography is the Sculpture Park Seattle Waterfront. This is a great place for unhurried stroll. And if you consider panoramic shots, Mt. Rainier offers stunning background.

5. Museum of Flight

museum of flight

The Museum of Flight is one of the space museums in NW of the US. It hosts the biggest K-12 educational programs in the world which also attracts over half a million visitors yearly.

6. Salmon Bay Playground

Salmon Bay Playground
Photo by Jay Dotson Photography

This is a great location in perfecting your aerial photography practice. It has mostly gentle hills adorned with green and grassy space. This is a perfect place for picnics and playground for children. It also offers climbing fences, swings and sand pits.

7. West Seattle Football Field

West Seattle Football Field
Photo Credit to Daniel Curtis

Doing an aerial photography and videography above a sports stadium is short of spectacular. And getting a drone shot of Seattle’s historic football stadium will please every person seeing the view. Adjacent to this football field is the West Seattle Golf course which adds green spaces for your shots.

8. Fisherman’s Restaurant

Fisherman’s Restaurant

Home of the world’s famous and freshest seafood, Fisherman’s Restaurant’s blue umbrella can be seen from above the place. This is Seattle’s finest dining area if you want an outdoor ambience. The look of the restaurant from above with its famous blue umbrella will coordinate with the blue sky covering the city.